How Can I Get Costumers?


I’m new here on Fiverr and I was wondering how can I find costumers… Is there a promote button or something like that?


Hey dioney,

There is no promote button in Fiverr. If you create a new gig, you can wait and the sales will come but not that much. I recomment to search for customers on social media. Advertise with bing or facebook ads.

If you get positive reviews, your gig will placed higher in the search results from fiverr. I think you need at least 5 posiive reviews till you get listed but I’m not sure.

I hope this helps a little bit.



Hey hay D, 1st you have to put the work into make your Gig’s look just as ‘professional’ as the service you are offering. Did you invest in R&D for your Gig’s?

Also, do you believe, that you should be getting more sales? Hope this helps!