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How can I get customer?

Can someone help me to have my first customer?

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No. That is up to you. I see you just joined the forum and have read all of 3 minutes of it. There is a myriad of “tips” answering your very question already. In fact, this question is asked many times a day here. What categories are your Gigs under? Are they under a category that is so saturated that you would have a hard time standing out? If so, it may be quite a while before you get any traction, if you do at all here. Hundreds of people a day sign up to sell their wares here on Fiverr - and most, tend to do it in the same categories - logo making, Photo Shop editing, website design, virtual assistant, data entry, etc



It’s very common and important question for new sellers.
Try to stay online, regularly send 10 buyer request and keep patient, i hope you will get success soon, pray for me thanks


Good idea. Try to stay online