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How can I get eid bonus from my Clients?

Can I get eid bonus from Clients?

Any Suggestion for me?

Thank you


This is not a bonus site. This is a freelance site. You get paid for the service you provide. Should your buyer think your service exceptional enough to give you a tip or bonus. They will give you. You are not expected to solicit for it.

Stop looking for bonuses, concentrate on providing the service you are here for.


It means my service bonus

So you want a tip that is considered a “gift” for eid? Clarify?

Yes, Thank you so much

Tips are optional. You aren’t supposed to ask for them. It would be nice to receive an eid gift from your clients, which maybe if you owned a traditional store you could have a tip jar that read “Eid gifts”, but Fiverr is not set up for that. A lot of people who purchase on Fiverr are not Muslim also and don’t know what Eid is. I would just be happy that your fast is over and maybe you’ll get Eid gifts from family members. :smiley:



Thanks for your reply

although it is not possible as fiverr has set no rules for Eid gift but i will pray that you get some gift :laughing:


Of course, you can get it and the only way is providing exceptional services to your clients. Deliver such an amazing service that your clients can’t resist themselves to leave a tip for you as an Eid gift.
Good luck!

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Have you been delivering an Eid bonus to your clients? Have you been saying " thank you for your order, to celebrate Eid, please also find attached a free extra item. Happy holidays!"

Or do you just want Fiverr and your clients to give you free cash because it happens to be your preferred holiday season?

In either case, asking for tips or a bonus is considered rude across pretty much every culture. You should, therefore, just focus on maintaining the quality of your deliveries wile keping a few fingers crossed.


If they know what an Eid gift is. Not all buyers are Muslims (a lot of them are not, nor do they have any idea about Eid gifts, since it’s neither a part of their culture nor of their religion).

Out of curiosity: does someone know if an Eid gift would be common in Israel, since that’s where Fiverr is headquartered?

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Probably, since you have that whole second holiest place in Islam being based in Israel. Also, there is that quite sizable number of people in Palestine…


It’s not necessary to be a Muslim to know what is Eid. I am a Muslim and I know about Christmas.
I have been working with people from all around the world since 2015 and whenever I mentioned “Eid” “Ramadan” or anything like that I never had to explain them what I am talking about.

I think, it’s more a general knowledge than being associated with a culture/religion.
Thanks for your criticism though.


Sometimes it feels like Christmas is being forced down everyone’s throat, whether they’re Christians (or even religious) or not. :rofl:

To be honest, this is the first time I’ve heard of Eid. I knew of Ramadan, but not Eid, so I thought that there would be other people who had no idea what it was. :slight_smile:


so nice of you dear you are love

While chatting with one of my vietnamese friend, when I mentioned Ramadan, fasting, and Eid, they didn’t have any idea about it. While another Aussie Viet friend knows about it. Clearly, the first person didn’t have any association with Muslims while later did! Some people may know about it but you can’t make an assumption that everyone knows about it!

It’s quite true, most of the movies or series I watch had to have Christmas. :joy:


Expectations should be set limited as they hurt usually. Work hard and deliver what your clients need and they will amaze you with tips for sure! :slight_smile:


If we are talking about general knowledge then you also should know for example about Shrovetide.
And even if people know about it they might not know the specifics of Eid. And certainly they are not obliged to follow or sympathise or share the same excitement with leaving extra tips.

I know it’s a big thing for the OP but it’s silly to expect buyers to leave you tips only because it’s your festive holiday. I don’t expect any additional tips just because it’s a Christmas period in my country.