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How can I get fast new order

please tell me how I can get fast. my gig link is


Sorry, but I always shake my head when I see a digital marketer asking how to digitally market.

You need to fix the English on the gig to begin with, I’m not quite sure what you are actually selling and how you plan to solve my problem. There is a typing mistake in your gig primary image which won’t be helping.

I am glad to see that you don’t have unlimited revisions, nor offering money back guarantees, that is a good thing!


Stay active and send maximum buyer requests

Thanks for your suggestion​:heart::heart:

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First of all, your gig title is not really correctly written. It feels more like a number of keywords.
Secondly, Instagram marketer/growth/promotion has around 7k of competitors. Its a high competitive field, you need to think about what makes YOU to stand out in front of them?
And as @janeeditor said, you have grammatical mistakes. It will throw potential customers away.

Do a research, think what you can improve and how and go for it. There’s no magical solution or a switch to help your gig grow. There’s only you, your efforts, your will and patience. That’s your key to success. Nothing else.


You are absolutely right​:heart::heart::heart:

You always send buyer requests in a good way. And you can do social Media marketing


send your buyer request proper way.12 hrs max active fiverr forum and your gig share and marketing social media! :love_you_gesture:

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Why? Buyer requests, gig rankings and activity on the forum are completely unrelated. You could be posting terrible advice like this on the forum every minute of every day and it wouldn’t earn you a single sale.


Briefly, I thought this was a parody post. I was mistaken.

All it’s missing is “24/7 be on Fiverr.”


Share your gig. social media
and send buyer request.
stay Fiverr active.

You have made 1 sale, and you are guru now ? :smiley: