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How can I get first job in fiverr?

I am a web designer. I am new at fiverr . I have not get any job yet. How can I get a job? Please help me


Try to make 7 gig with proper Image,SEO description, Good title And rank Tag. you have to do research before make a gig. if all of this is ok then maybe you will get success asap


best of lack you gig marketing

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Hello @ehsohag7
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  1. Active Fiverr & Fiverr forum
  2. Every day send buyer request

Thank you @abrar_sharear

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be active on Fiverr and shear your gig on social media it can help you

create SEO 7 gig and publish other side gig. always active Fiverr. best of luck! :heart_eyes:

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first of all you need to create a good gig , and gig image is so important . if every thing okay , then only remain online , that’s it .

Follow this article, It will help

You havent made even one sale on fiverr, how can you give tips for a person ?

You are totally wrong, and your completed order count says that. if u have made one sale and tell people to do this, you are leading them to wrong place.

I have the best answer for you because I am talking out of personal experience. I joined Fiverr February 2021 and created my first gig March 2021. Between March 1st up till now I have been able to make genuine 13 sales. I am very proud of my achievement and the question is how did I do this.

  1. I was always promoting my gig on all social media platforms.
  2. I started a Facebook promotion for my gig
  3. I posted my best work on my gig and my gig description was well drafted.
  4. I posted a good picture that would drive people to my gig.

These are the best advice I can give you and the most important point is number 3. Make sure you are very good at what you do and you put your best work up.

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@ehsohag7 welcome to fiverr forum family members !