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How can i get first order, share your experience

I join Fiverr already 3 months ago, I have sent already 127 buyer request. How can I get the first order? please share your experience to get the first order.


Welcome to Fiverr!

My only real bit of advice is to make sure your gigs are well written and descriptive and give the user information on everything they are looking for. Make sure the gig titles are nice and SEO friendly and you’ll start showing up on the lists.

Are you sharing your gigs remotely from Fiverr, for example on social media? Helps to share with your local community - I do on local Facebook groups etc…

Hope your first sale is close at hand!


Try to active online & send properly buyer request!


Nice commentary. Hope so you’re on the bank of getting your first order

Thanks for motivated

focus on SEO while you creating gigs

If you sent 127 requests, and you didn’t got even a single order.
Then you have to change the way you write BR.
Don’t do copy/paste. Write according to the request what you understand and how you can help the buyer.
Check this

This might also help

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How long it would take to get the 1st order? the buyer requests most of the times do not completely meet my skill

It means you created gig on what you do not know. That’s why BRs are not related to your skills!!

Well, let me explain. I have created a gig for on page seo. But, mostly buyers send offers off page seo. Is that something can i do from my end?

If you can do off page SEO then you should create an attractive gig first and then select that one to send offer to buyer…

Many many thanks for Sharing

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Thanks rana4944 for your suggestion
Just a question can i delete a gig and create a new gig with everything similar except some changes in title? obviously a new gig image will be there, i do understand that

If you have good reviews on the gig then don’t delete.
However if it is not doing well then you should create new one.
Remember write an attractive title once. It creates the Gig URL. If you change title, URL doen’t changes.

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Oops! I wasn’t able to to properly explain that. I wanted to know in the new gig, everything will be the same except that url…is it possible to do so? Or do i need to delete the previous one first? And i don’t have any reviews in the present gig

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It is better to create new one.


Won’t be a problem if two gigs have the same description, service offer and FAQ but two different url?

No Problem. You should write description little different.

Thanks rana4944 for your awosome suggestion
When i get my 1st order (if i am able to do so) i will let you know. Till then Keep me in your prayer

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Yes InshAllah You will be Successful.