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How can i get "Fiverr Choice" Badge?

I am a specialist for logo to vector or logo redesign Service, I always try to give HQ Service. I have 98% 5 Star Review and 2% 4Star review. How can I apply for the “Fiverr Choice” Badge?


I believe the name of the badge is an suitable answer to your question. The badge is called, “Fiverr’s Choice”, therefore, Fiverr chooses who gets the badge. If it’s Fiverr’s choice, then there is nothing you can do to guarantee reception of that badge.


I wonder, does the buyer see this also? I just had my first Fiverr’s Choice order and he acts like an entitled douchebag, or do I just have bad luck? Anyway I just cancelled the order, guess I will not get Fiverr’s Choice orders again then :stuck_out_tongue:

I imagine because the badge makes you more prominent, you are also more prominent to jerks.

And there are also people who see an endorsement as a free pass to do whatever they like to the person to get what they want.

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The buyer does see it. I have completed two Fiverr’s Choice orders and both were fine, although I have to say that yes, they were both ‘entitled’ in attitude! So there may be something in that.


Great thank’s for your Comment