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How can i get fiverr choice?

How can I get Fiverr choice? I want to know. I am new here.


If you can perform well with your gig, you will get it.
So it’s totally depend on your services ( Thank you )


But those who have not got a job, how are they getting it

please follow the instruction

I just attended a Fiverr webinar this week. Sellers who get Fiver Choice are sellers who:

Has a gig that is high preforming and has many sales
Provides excellent customer service as indicated by public and secret buyer reviews.


It’s also manually handpicked I think, so there is no limitation on the number of sales that we should reach.
Just focus on performing a high quality work each time you serve your buyer and one day you will get it.

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Yeap you’re right, that is totally depend on the services

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I have been chosen much time on one of my services, base on that I can say if we can keep our good review at 5 stars and the number of selling is base on about one-month selling not all time selling number (doesn’t really matter) and your service are using unique metadata, sometimes I found 2 or more “best selling” in specific service scope, but that different description on “Seller Details” and more

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