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How can i get Fiverr success

Can you tell me how can I get my success on fiverr ? About 1 month I have no order.


If you want to achieve success, you have to stay online for 12 hours and always have to be active in the Fiverr Forum


Thank you so much for your suggestion

Neither of these things will guarantee any success. Please do not give false advice.


Delet your old gig and create a new gig with uniqe idea


Thank you i will stay 12 hours

Why delet my old gig ? please can you explain me ? Thank you

I like your feedback

You did not read my comment. I said that staying online 12 hours will NOT guarantee any success. Don’t waste your time sitting around and waiting, get out there and find your customers!

This person already have a skill because the person now here on fiverr.
So if he want to success he have to online without online how he can success please explain me

So if I stay online 24 hrs, buyer MUST buy my gig ? What nonsense is this. The only benefit that you stay online is buyer know you are online

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First of all, you are responding to a comment I made TWO YEARS ago.

Second, if you want success, you need to treat your services like a business. Sitting around, waiting for things to randomly happen, is not a viable business strategy. If you want be successful, here is some advice that I put together for sellers such as yourself:

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