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How can I get Fiverr to make a seller a Level 1?


Anyobe got any bright ideas? I have emailed Fiverr’s support but they ignored me even thought I have spent almost $500 on Fiverr in the last year. The seller in question tells me that she met all the Level 1 requirements months ago and is still waiting and that she has emailed them but got no response. I am going to have stop using if I can’t get this resolved because my accountant is going mad when I had him a large pile of $5 receipts. Does anyone know how to get Fiverr to do something abot this?


I do not think CS Support will discuss another seller’s account activity with you. It’s sad that you were ignored but that is between CS and the other seller.


Is the seller sure she didn’t get a response? For some reason my responses from CS did not go to my email and I had to go to the resolution center to see the response. If she has an issue she needs to contact CS herself.


I think the probable thing that might stop the Fiverr from raising you level is that you might have used unfair means or you might have got more than ten orders from same buyers or you may have bought your own gig in order to get higher rank and the Fiverr system is clever enough to detect that.

I do believe in the fairness of Fiverr team.

Rethink about your measures and recontact if you are right in your position.

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Thanks @kjblynx your response was really helpful and after about 8 emails we got a repsonse from Fiverr. It turns out that despite 100% rating and hundreds of positive gigs the seller was caught because in her first week she revecived more work than she could do in a month and had to inform the buyers and a few chose to cancel so she needs another 38 positive completed gigs to reduce her cancelation ratio to 20%.

She has now put big messages on her gigs and profile to ask people to contact her before ordering. It is a shame that there is not a way for an exceptional situation like that to be taken into account because she is now many months trying to overcome a rookie mistake.

Thanks again for you help.