How can I get Fiverr to respond to requests to refund my balance as a buyer?


I was scammed for $305 recently in a custom, specific gig and Fiverr did take action and place the funds as a balance on my account but haven’t responded to repeated requests to refund that money back to the payment method. I’ve opened four tickets now and emailed support directly. This is a problem for me for, well, the obvious reason that it’s $300 but also because that money belongs to my employer and I’m getting heat for hiring the wrong person to begin with.

What do I do here? I’m really confused as to why they acted quickly initially and then haven’t replied. Do I dispute the charge? I’ve spent a ton of money on here and been very happy but between the scam and this issue I might be done.


Felt bad for you… But I guess it takes time get money back to the payment method…


Lately Customer Support has been pretty good about returning finds to a buyer payment source with two caveats. One is that the buyer hasn’t ever asked before or been abusive to a seller. Two is that the buyer submitted one ticket and waited several days (at least 5) for a response.

If a buyer has asked for money to be returned before, that came with the notice that it couldn’t be done again. If a buyer has initiated personal attacks against a seller or CS rep, that can be a kiss of death. If a buyer submits a ticket asking for a refund to source, doesn’t get a reply, and sends another ticket before 5 days, the tickets are assigned to multiple CS reps and things get confusing and slow way down. Depending on how fast the buyer went with more tickets, how many, and how they were worded, things can slow to a crawl.

I don’t know if any of that applies to you. If it does, you could attempt to go through your payment provider but be aware of the risks. Your Fiverr account will be banned and you’ll get no support in the future. (That might or might not matter to you.) Fiverr has been adding context to the policies lately saying that they may make stronger stances to avoid chargebacks since the ToS is clear prior to purchase and the seller/Fiverr sometimes should not have to return the funds.

I’m not saying this applies to you, it’s generic. If they did fight you on it, that could carry risks for you with your payment provider when you dispute it. You’ll just have to consider all that, be patient or not, and take your best shot at risk vs reward. Good luck!