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How can I get from Level 1 seller to Level 2 seller


Hey guys,

I made it to Level 1 seller about 2 months ago. Yippieh :)!

However, I never made it to Level 2 seller - yet. Anyway, I was wondering if there is a way to become a Level 2 seller even though I have missed to make that second mark at first?

Advice/tips are appreciated.


~The Globalyuppie


kjblynx is right


Yes of course. The idea of kjblynx is correct.


@globalyuppie I was in the same predicament. I am just going on one year, didn’t get many orders, finally made Level1, and then stayed there. The key to making Level 2 is to keep pounding the Buyers Requests. Use all 10 offers every day, for a couple of weeks if you have to. What starts to happen is that people order from you, and a certain number of those people become regular customers. For example, I picked up a buyer who wanted 50 paragraphs explaining foreign language characters for a book. I cranked out 50 orders in a few days, and volia, I was Level 2. Then, you start to see your gig on the first page of High Rated for your gig category. Then, you blow up. I have to go on vacation every couple of weeks just because I am overbooked. Hope this helps. Good luck!


But according to -->

To reach level 2, one requirement is:
“Completed at least 50 individual orders in two consecutive months”

Was this just recently changed? (I just joined recently, and this thread seems to be dated months ago so things might have changed…)


Reply to @webtelly: Great! Thanks for your helpful tips :)! I have made level 2 seller a couple of months ago. Yay! Now on to the next ranking.


Reply to @theratypist: It wasn’t recently changed in wording, but when I turned level 2 they didn’t enforce it. I got my 50th complete order a couple of days after the 2 month mark. Somewhere on the forums I have seen a recent mention of this saying that Fiverr does now require the orders to complete in 60 days. I’m just not sure. If I find out for sure, I’ll try to make a post about it.