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How can i get huge order?

I create my fiverr account last 27days but i not get any order.
How can i get order.

Well, I would give you both a short and a long answer.

The short answer: It is best to hire a psychic, there are tons of them on Fiverr. It’s best to look for a spell that’s connected to wealth and prosperity. Or just do the rain-dance and expect luck to come. :smile:

The long answer: It’s super-hard to expect a huge order in just 27-days since you have been active on any freelancing platform. In my opinion, and generally in every professional’s opinion, is rooted that in order to land a huge order you need to have extensive experience and portfolio behind you. Especially, great track record on the platform, old account, a lot of regular clients, outstanding customer support and so on. That’s what makes or breaks your your career.

For example, if we take me as an example. It took me a couple of years to land my first huge order. In the beginning, most of my orders were the basic $5 package, however, as time passed by - and I invested in my skills, knowledge, software, better equipment and engaging with the community my services improved. In parallel, at the same time, I was building my portfolio, gaining new experience, maintaining my track record - and ALWAYS LEARNING.

This made the quality of my work high-standard, which allowed me to increase my prices and bid for higher paying jobs, which resulted in some huge orders.

You don’t need to be worried at all. Nobody should expect to be successful overnight. It’s a hack of a bumpy ride, with a lot of twists, turns, ups, and downs. Focus on building your career one small project at a time, especially if you are new to the freelancing game.

I am glad if this opinion can help you, and other users who want to be successful on any freelancing platform.


In an actual Good gigs title, Image, and Description, tags are most important to get orders.
optimize your gig and use strong keywords which matches in gigs title, Image, and Description, tags.

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Thanks a lot for your suggestion