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How can i get huge traffic in my gig

Please help me,How can i get huge traffic.

Your only gig is driving website traffic - perhaps you could use your skills to drive traffic to your gig, as I don’t think Fiverr allows you to buy your own gig!

Or perhaps you’re trying to advertise your services in a roundabout kind of way?

promote your giggs through any other type of media

Don’t you think that, as somebody who offers website traffic, your question is actually disqualifying you, as you just told everybody that you can’t do it?

Thank you for my first face palm moment this morning.

I just find it odd that your gigs offer website traffic but you are unable to get traffic toward your own gigs. Perhaps find social media outlets to help you?

How can your gig be AdSense Safe? I hired a gig like yours and lost my adsense account.

Maybe you’d get more sales if you explain people what you do to drive traffic. People want to know what they’re buying, they don’t want surprises.

Also, create more gigs, and not just for traffic driving. Find out other things you want to do.

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Has the Adsense situation improved? There were instances where competitors would deliberately hit a rival’s blog with low quality bot traffic to get their Adsense disabled. I guess this is what they mean when someone says that the economy is bad. Personally, I’ve noticed that the conversions are better for personal affiliate banners than CPM advertising via Adsense.

Social Media & Email marketing will be good

You can promote your gig through facebook groups which is one of the easiest ways to generate high quality traffic to Fiverr.

Help promote your gig through various venue not only benefit your own gig because of increae in sales, but also benefits the Fiverr community as a whole.

More exposure to Fiverr means more potential buyers for everyone’s gig on Fiverr. At the end of the day we are a integral part of Fiverr.

Only organic traffic can be generated through social media, that is making relevant posts on facebook, linkedin, twitter, quora and insta. There’s no other way to do it.

Use social media sited like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, these are what really works for me. hope this help my friend :slight_smile:

share your gig social media site.

nice advice here i will implement that as i need sales on my gigs

Ouch! Losing AdSense would be painful.

Adsense is popular because people make money even if nobody buys anything. However, my blog is dedicated to the art of firearm advertising, and Google is very much anti-gun, so it was only a matter of time before adsense would drop me.

Rather than having a million visitors a week or a month to your gig, none of whom are interested in it, why not aim for advertising your gig where people are looking for what you are selling?

Nice advice

RE : people make money even if nobody buys anything

A bit of an overstretch (because they are buying potential leads, if not sales), but I get what you are trying to say.

If you have a niche blog, you could get more from direct ad sales from other advertising brokers who offer monthly banner ad services to their advertisers.

Adsense is good for those who have the proper niche.

I have a blog about Betta fish, it has barely 10 blog articles and one landing page, this gets not more than a paltry 800 visitors daily, it still adds ~14$/day to my Adsense. Compared to this, my other technical blog about web development which gets millions of views, is hosted on a dedicated server, simply makes the latter look like a high IQ kid who is working at McDonalds.

Keywords related to small businesses which sell tangible products average around 8$/click while keywords which revolve around knowledge based communities (how to blogs) get very less monies, comparatively.

I just posted about this. Follow me and you will get some information on how to drive more traffic to your gig.

Really? You’re making $14 a day with adsense? That’s fantastic.

I do have one blog, but I’m only getting about 450 visitors a day, I’m doing better, I used to get 200, 250.