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How can i get impression on my gig?

Hey,This is mahmudul hasan.Last day i published my 4th gig but No impressions or clicks on my gig yet.Now what can i do.Please give me a proper solution.


@hasan_23 You opened the gig yesterday. Be patient. And gig marketing. You will get the impression. Gig shares in specific categories in the Fiber community.

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thanks for you valuable comments.Can i share my gig in fiverr Forum?

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@hasan_23 Yes, You can share your gig link in “My Fiverr Gigs” Category for advertising


Check this out


Your gig doesn’t start getting impressions the next day. It takes a little time. If your gig is unique and good enough, you will start to get a good number of impressions every day.

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@muntahaoishee Thanks for sharing helpful topics link.