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How can I get in on Fiverr Studio?

Hey, guys,
What are the requirements for being able to join Fiverr studio?
Im a pretty new seller yet have high and ambitions. Im confident my products will meet everyones standards.


Is this something worth pursuing?

It is explained here:

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Like it says in the link above:

*Eligibility of leads and members for Fiverr Studios is determined periodically by Fiverr. There is no application process. You will be notified if you are handpicked for Fiverr Studios.

So we don’t know the requirements, but a lot of them seem to be level 2 or TRS so I think it would increase your chance of being picked if you got to one of those levels. Quite a lot of reviews might help too.

It might be even though we don’t know the requirements (though see above), but if you think your gig(s) would work well as part of a studio I think it’s probably worth trying for.

Thanks!! I read this prior but was still hoping for clarity on a few things. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your information!

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