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How can I get job in the fiverr please help me

Give me some idea for getting a good job related Photoshop or web design. this is my new gig. Please cheek out and say is it a proper gig for getting a job on fiverr?

this is may be

@abutorab kindly do your best to update your pictures as a web and photoshop professional and keep promoting your links.

thanks @backli

thanks @kjblynx:

I guess I’ll hop in here.

First of all, you need someone to check your English grammar.

If I see a gig with poor English description, that itself is enough to make me NOT want to

order from that person, not only because I think there would be communication problems, but

I see it as a lack of professionalism.

Also, in one of your gig description, you mentioned "This is just a practice."

For me personally, that is unprofessional too. If you said “sample work,” it’s OK, but

practice? That sounds bad. Also your “practice” image seemed a bit sloppy with the

edges bleeding, I also got the impression that the image you used does not belong to you,

and also the gig tile and samples were not matching.

I know it’s only $5, but still I think you need to be more professional with how you

present your work.

After reading through your gigs, I typed them into the search.

If you do this, you will see that there are literally thousands of similar gigs to yours.

Therein lies the difficulty for most sellers, I think, distinguishing their work amid the sea of sellers.