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How can i get level 2 seller title


My profile show 70% complete for level 2 . But i don’t know how can i get this fast . I don’t have any work right now . How can i get new job and achieve level 2 seller . Please check


You need to follow fiverr rules always deliver work in time and in high quality as you like for your own use…

If you follow rules then you will be promoted to level 2 shortly…

Thanks a lot…

Osman shahbaz


@amrashed and @osman_shahbaz Please do not put links to your gigs or profiles in forum categories other than My Fiverr Gigs. There is no need for it since your username is already a link to your profile and gigs. @osman_shahbaz, you especially have been here long enough to see this written before now, so you could be helping newer sellers with these things rather than doing the same thing. Your posts may be moved or just deleted if you continue to do this.