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How can i get more buyer and more sell?


Please someone help me. I am new in fiverr. i am very professional but i can’t get more orders and buyer. Please can u tell me full details of fiverr gig marketing?


Have you conducted an internet search, and read the many articles from professional marketers about how to market a business?

If not, I recommend that you start there.

Your gigs are a business. Treat them as such. Do your research. Build a marketing plan. YOU are responsible for learning how to do this. We will not be able to do your work for you.


@menapower Here you are again doing the same thing. :roll_eyes:

Read the guidelines before you get yourself suspended.


But what type of marketing? ??please tell me marketing details


I cannot do your work for you.

Please take the time to conduct an internet search for “how to market my business”. You will find thousands of great articles that will teach you how to market your gigs as a business. Good luck!


@atiaferdous search on youtube how to do fiverr gigs marketing. You will get so many videos.


You should also search your services related group on social media sites and join and share your service on there but only one sharing in a day don’t use all the time sharing


Share your gig and profile in soc. media (mostly on twitter and tumbler)
Coz you designer, also share on Artstation and DeviantArt (Artstation better for views)
Important: always add tags to your sharing content


great …thanks to help others


alreadysearch there but i could not find proper vedio


there are so many videos in Bangla you can search in youtube


can’t find proper vedio


There are lot of stuf its not possible u didn’t get any one problem is simple that you don’t want to do work hard I…buddy if u want success do some effort …you are able to do this …focus your work and juxt do it


Hello atiaferdous,
If you are looking for more buyer and more sell then you should to send buyer request daily and promote your gig on social media.

good luck.

best regards,


Buyer request is almost empty


How can i focus my works?


Good tips but careful there. Best recommendation to any user is to check Fiverr’s ToS in their entirety, before taking any action.

Sellers may not promote their Gigs or any Fiverr content via the AdWords platform.


No, please don´t spend your time telling me how to use AdWords because I don´t intend to violate Fiverr´s ToS.

My post was just intended to keep others who don´t want to jeopardize their accounts unintentionally from doing it, I haven´t been looking for advice, my business works just fine without AdWords, thank you, though.