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How can I get more buyer message?

I am Arif Tusar. I am new a new seller at Fiverr. I created my Fiverr account 14 days ago and I have created 6 gigs. Last 14 days I got only 2 buyers message and also 2 got 2 orders form them. But I want more buyer message for orders. How can I get more buyer message ?

Thank you
Arif Tusar

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You do Know that we are expected to do our own marketing rights

I think we should learn to bring clients to the platform, try one or 2 marketing/ads and see how it goes

Also, do you send your buyer request daily… we have 10 offers per day… learn to use all and I’m sure you should rank to some limit where 1 or 2 orders should enter

I hope I’ve helped in one way or the other…

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