How can I get more Buyer request


Every day I get 5,6 buyer request Please suggest me how can I get more buyer request & how can get my first order…Please


make gig more in various category of video editing. You will get more than presents


ok I will make various Gig item…Thank you for your nice tips.


Hello There!

You can also make variations in tags while creating Gig. You can adjust tags as per your service. As per my Thought… Buyer Requests are distributed as per gig tags you have entered while creating gig.

As an Example :
For powerpoint gig: Tag should be : PowerPoint Presentation Microsoft Charts Slide

This will show you the power point requests as well as other tag’s gigs also. Which can be from Microsoft office , Excel, Word also.

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I dont get buyer requests, why? i have 2 gigs, but nobody request my work, what i can do,and how i can sell


Thank you for your nice tips.