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How can I get more buyer request?

I am new seller in the But in my buyer request option I always see only 5-10 request but my others friends got more than 50 buyer request. And I can not make good request for my sell. So that I just suggest from you how can get more buyer request in the fiverr.




Create maximum gig and their is a fix time for buyer request. I also sometimes get only 5-7 buyer request and sometimes 20-30 it depends on post so keep on checking every hour.


Its really difficult to get more BR by creating same category gig, as you know most of the buyer finds their seller before posting an request.So i recommend analyse every single gig tag in your category and apply these into your gig

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Thank you for your contributing

Know what other performing gigs are doing. See their photos, description, packages, etc… You can use it as a “pattern” but make sure not to copy the exact details. Know also if your Gig is in demand. You will know it thru other similar gigs that you got. If a particular gig got 100 plus orders, then it is a sign that, that particular gig is popular and in demand (but of course, their will be a tight competition). If you are new in Fiverr, maximize your 6 allotted Gigs to maximize your sales potential. I am also new here and just got upgraded to level 1 but I am gradually getting now few inquiries and orders and my aim is to reach the level II. I hope this helps.

It looks to me like it is based on key words or phrases - those that are contained in your gig description matching those that are contained in the Buyer Request. Maybe adding some relevant key words to your gig description might show more.

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