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How can I get more buyer's request offers?


I seem to never get accepted. All the orders I have ever had have come from buyer’s requests. I’ve made over 80 buyer’s requests but it’s yielded only 4 orders I think


I think a blanket 10-responses per 24 hours policy is fair, and reasonable.

If you aren’t winning the requests that you respond to, perhaps you need to work on improving how you respond, and the content of the responses you send.


What are you sending out? Give us an example to analyze.


For my composing gig:

compose an epic orchestral score
Hi! I have the ‘Era Two Medieval Legends’ virtual instrument by Eduardo Tariolente which contains a huge range of celtic instruments, and I can compose a great Irish-sounding theme for you. I really hope we can work together on this :slightly_smiling_face:

For the mix/master gig:

Hi :smile: I can give you professional level mixing and mastering and get it done today. I would love to work with you because I have experience in all genres, and the skills and plugins to make your tracks awesome!


The second one is too short and generic, You won’t get far with that.

What was the request for the 1st offer?
If they asked for an Irish theme song then it’s a bit better, but still very short and generic.

You need to personalize your offers and put some more effort into it. You have up to 1500 chars. You don’t have to write an essay, but you have room to properly sell your gig.

If the buyer doesn’t provide enough information then ask about it. If you mention that you’ll use plugins then which ones and why.


Ah so the technique is to make it long? What types of things should I say?


The goal is not to use up your chars. The objective is to sell your service :wink:
What you should say depends on the request.

That’s not helpful. If the buyer mentions a specific genre then you should reply what kind of experience you have in that specific genre. If they don’t mention it, but you feel it’s important then ask about it and maybe even explain why it is important.

Which plugins? Did buyer ask about these? Elaborate on these.

These are just basic examples without seeing the actual requests, but you can probably pick up more things to write about based on the requests. Every response should be unique and addressing buyer’s needs. Don’t write about skills that don’t matter for that specific client.


Thanks, I’ll definitely do it for my next requests