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How can I get more buyers to my Gigs


Hi guys, I av been on Fiverr for 3 months now and I have five Gigs set-up. I haven’t get any buyer since and I was wondering if there is any way I can get more buyers to my Gigs?

Here is my profile link



Hello and welcome. Great to have you here.


“show you a step by step legal ways of making 500 dollars a day with FREE solo ad”

"teach you how to make 500 dollars a day with CPA"

If you know how to make $500 a day, why aren’t you doing it, instead of selling it for $5?

There are other gigs on Fiverr with similar titles with no sales.


“put a santa hat on your website logo or your photo”

"put a Santa hat on your photo or your website logo"

Duplicating gigs is not your best move.


Read this post…

Good luck!


hi @roseline

İf u want promote your gigs on facebook or twitter for finding new buyer , maybe you want to check my gigs for promote