How can I get more clients NOW


I am new to fivver and haven’t got any clients yet. What can I do to get a client today?



I’m quiet new to fiverr as well, and i am struggling with the same problem. I’ve gotten two orders in total. I’ve taken a look at your gigs and i have got some tips for you. For example, let’s look at your gig “I will create 3 logo ideas for you”

You’re new to fiverr, so making a package for over 50$ is not a good idea, you do not have any reviews and a buyer does not know of they can trust you. 50$ is a lot of money. maybe make the high priced packages 10$ and 15$.

Also, you should be a little more specific in what you offer, you can use 1200 characters for your description, so be creative!

You should check out the buyer requests as well, there are a lot of requests for logos, so after you’ve upgraded your gig, check them out!

That’s all i can think of right now, i hope i helped you!


First of all, don’t expect orders “NOW”. That’s not going to happen. As in any business, you need to be patient, and continually work to improve your service/product presentation until you find that angle that appeals to your customers. And, of course, you need to know exactly who your customers are and what makes them tick. Most buyers don’t just randomly purchase from gigs. They take their time to learn about a seller before choosing to work with them.

Second, you are not guaranteed sales just because you have gigs on Fiverr. If that was true, then everyone would be a seller on Fiverr. Success takes time – it could even take a few months depending upon your market. Never expect sales, but instead, work hard to earn them.


I know I’m going to sound harsh, but here it goes:

You don’t even have a profile description.
Did you take the time to look at other people’s gigs and do some research??
You don’t have a profile description, your gig description is VERY short and does not sound professional, I only checked your logo gig but it looks like none of them are your own work.
Be sure to use your own original work as samples.

Even if you fix all of this it won’t guarantee immediate sales though.
Try reading this, it might give you some ideas:

If your immediate reaction is “dang, that’s too much to read,” I’m afraid you’re not going to be successful here.


Great advice thank you, how does it look now if you don’t mind checking.


Post was made for ideas and suggestions on how to get clients, I’m not expecting anything but I’m asking for more ways to attract clients this post doesn’t tell me anything I don’t know already


How can you tell if its my work? You don’t even know me I have a website to prove all the pictures up are mine. Your advice sucks!



It looks alot better already, but i recommend adding even more information.

Take a look at my gig description:

Some other tips i can give you:
Try to make your buyer trust you
Make your description as specific as possible (i’d say AT LEAST 400 characters)
Update your profile

Keep in mind, there are hundreds of other logo designers, yours should be better than others, or they’ll choose another gig!

I hope i helped you!



I’m sorry you think that my advice sucks.
All I was trying to do was point out the mistakes you’ve made so you can be successful.

I didn’t take a screen shot so there is no way to prove it at this point, but it seems like you changed/removed your logo gig sample images. I remember seeing a blue logo in the shape of an animal (I think it looked like a lion) , and I found the logo on Google search and I’m pretty sure the owner was not you.
Your current logo samples were easy to find as well. I believe it belongs to a designer in Portugal.
I can give you his name if you’d like. If he stole your image, you might want to contact him.

If you want to get clients, the best thing to do is be honest, original,and professional.


You offer logo design and photoshop work, the most crowded categories there are. For instance, 42,000+ gigs are offering logo design. Ask yourself, why should buyers come to you? When (and if) you have a good answer for that - from a buyer’s perspective - work on communicating this on your profile, your gig titles and images.

Good luck.

(your link doesn’t go anywhere, btw)


That’s not how you wrote it. You asked for clients right “NOW”, and “today”. I was clarifying that that’s not likely to happen. Success takes time. You’re not likely to obtain the sales you seek as quickly as you appear to want them.


Great advice, Thanks


“What can I do” and “Get more clients” were the main part of the question, if you read it correctly


The same images I had up are still there I just changed it to one pic per gig and they are all on my website, and it was a dragon not a lion, how did you find it on google, show me the search, your advice still sucks


you have to copy and paste link in address bar fiverr doesn’t allow urls in your description so try going by putting .com at the end


I read what you wrote, by the words you chose to use.


Oh, it was a dragon, my bad.
I think the image was a dragon facing sideways, something like this one:

Was this the image? I think it was this one, if not pretty close.
If you would like me to show the search result I’ll gladly do so ( along with the other images) but it would be very helpful if you can show the blue dragon you originally had in your gig samples.
I couldn’t find it in your website.

Too bad you still think my advice sucks. I thought I was giving you a reaaallly good and honest one.
BTW you should contact Sérgio Hortelão.


You can start with Buyer Requests and send offers to clients ex: I will design your logo in 24 Hours with all files and unlimited Revisions for $5 only , and must be send with your offers your portfolio , and must be write good description for your gig , and share your gig in facebook groups and twitter . Have a nice day :slight_smile:


interesting. this seller’s account is gone. :expressionless:


google thats not his work