How can I get more expressions and Clicks?


As I am new on fiverr I really need help on getting more impressions, clicks and Views. I guess I don’t have good tags


Try to engage your GIGs on social media .Sharing gigs on social media may increase your gigs ranking.Do research more on catagory that suits your gigs.


Hey @elmareyders, here’s a few suggestions (there’s even more but I don’t want to write a book lol):

►You need to create a compelling thumbnail image (or video). I prefer video because, they can’t see everything until they click “play” …but a picture can just be looked at while you are scrolling so it will not convert to a click usually. The video doesn’t have to be a Hollywood movie. It can be a slideshow of pictures similar to a PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates your strong points, or maybe a few screen captures of your past successful social media managed page(s) scrolling down with lots of likes (if your past clients give you permission).

►That said, as a new seller the tides are going to be against you until you get maybe 6 good ratings on 1 gig (I noticed you have 1 rating on each of your 2 gigs currently). So you will have to promote yourself manually at first. A great way to do this is through the Buyer Requests section. Go there everyday and look through the posts, if you see something you can do, send them an offer and they might hire you. At least they will reach out to you which will count as a click. If they hire you and leave a cool rating you will have a better chance of showing higher in the search and getting more impressions!

►You can also promote yourself on social media, maybe post your profile link in a whatsapp group or on twitter and ask your friends to check it out and tell others about it? When fiverr sees you’re bringing a lot of outside eyes, they give you some inside boost too :wink:

►You can also identify someone who’s already on the platform and ask them for “overflow work”. In my case I had a friend who had much success here so I told him what I do …and every now and then, when he was busy, he referred some clients to me. Some hired me, others just ran away lol. But that also helped me at the beginning. Eventually I made a few sales and a couple of good ratings, and then started getting more impressions and clicks afterwards.

►Stay online. I’m not sure exactly how this helps but somehow just being online all the time helps get good impressions. I can’t really explain it lol. Just open the app everyday and look around at least once. Maybe the buyers feel you can respond right away so they click? idk


Really Impressive Advice.


thanks a lot :slight_smile: That really Helped


thank you so much, that is actually great. I will surely keep this in my head.


Thats good… thanks for sharing tips.


Nice way of explaining as well as motivation. Thank a lot friend :heart_eyes:


Just compare your tags to others tags and try to make unique tag that should be easy to search by users :blush::blush:


If you mean randomly contacting other sellers to ask for work this is considered as spam and is not allowed. Sellers may only be contacted if you wish to purchase their gig.


Hi @elmareyders ! Please

  1. Design Attractive/Eye Catching Your Gig’s Image
  2. Share Your Gig URL on Social media and Blogs Like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger etc
  3. Send Buyer Requests daily.
    Thank You :slight_smile:


I mentioned that I knew someone personally and spoke to him about my service (please read a little further). This person was (is?) my friend. We actually spoke on whatsapp. It’s a way of using your off-fiverr networks to boost your progress on fiverr, and most people in the biz have offline networks before attempting fiverr.

…in your case it could be a family member, a coworker or an old classmate who talks about fiverr a lot on twitter or something of that sort.

No strangers please.


Also, take down the stock profile image and put a real picture up.

I don’t think you are a Forever 21 model…


@elmareyders How is your gig doing?



You can send custom offers to buyers requests… Then you can have more gig views…


Thank you very much for your advice.


I have 6 gigs and Fiverr only allow 10 offers per day. These views aren’t enough right?


trying that they start to do better. Thanks


So long as you find 10 requests that you can do, you’d end up with 300 bids after 30 days. Not too shabby for 0% effort with your marketing


stay online and share you gig on social media pages, create your simple blog and put your profile link