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How can i get more impressions of my gig?

I am a New Seller of FIVERR.
I did complete my two jobs on Fiverr. last one month I have no more jobs. although I promote my gigs into every social media. but my gig is not so many impressions, WHY? can you check my gigs there is any problem or else? How can I improve my gig impressions?

Here is My gigs

I hope some one will help me.



Brother, You can share and tweet your Gig in Twitter and Stay online. I hope it will be fine

thank you so much, but I have done like that there is no improvement.

Honestly, impressions don’t really matter. Just make sure your five keywords are really relevant. What I did for my guitar gig was to search up what u would search if I was in need of a guitarist and used those keywords. I now have 700 impressions!

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Yes, But every day I have 25 to 30 Impressions and i need more.

Fiverr already have promotion options you can share your gig there You will get better results soon

Brother thanks, I already told that

Perhaps you know a space in which people are looking for brochure and flyer design?
IDK where

You need to spend more time in Fiverr and do SEO of your gigs. You can promote your gigs on Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and also in Linked in or Pinterest. It will help you to have more impressions, clicks, views, and orders.

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Thank you so much who give me love reaction

What is seo???

Yes, I made OFF page SEO

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