How can I get more knowledge about fiverr


Hi fiverr family. I have some problem. I think you can help me. 7 ago I created a gig then after 2 days I can sow my gig in fiverr page but yesterday couldn’t see my gig in fiverr. I have a another gig but I can not see in fiverr page. I can do well work but no order yet.
So please give me a solution for this, thank you


Hi, Taju!

I just took a quick look at your gigs.

  1. Your niche is highly competitive. There are literally hundreds of sellers offering similar services. Keep that in mind.

  2. You are, obviously, not a native English speaker. Neither am I. But we both compete on the market that requires a decent knowledge of the language, not to mention- we compete with English native speakers as well. One of the priorities for you should be to improve the language. Of course, there are people who will hire you for the job, because essentially, good English is not that important for the service you are offering, but fluency in English and understanding the market you are competing on is what makes the difference between $5 and $50 gig. Even if the gig does not necessarily require fluency in English!

  3. Calling yourself Professional SEO Expert is one of those details that won’t let your gig jump to the top soon. Explore profiles of other people here, check what they wrote (check the profiles of most successful sellers).

Get another photo (mine is not much better either, but you know what people say- do as I say, not as I do :)).
Your photo is a perfect example of how people from the East do not understand the Western business culture. The guy from the USA who needs your services is looking for someone who looks confident and competent- a smiley person who has that “casual smart” attitude- the exact opposite of what we (people who belong to Eastern cultures) have been taught all our lives (you have to be serious and look a bit rigid, because that’s how authoritative people who know how to get things done should look like).

  1. Your gig will spontaneously show in the listings, don’t worry about that, but it won’t spontaneously show up on the first few pages- you can be sure about that as well!

I hope I didn’t insult you somehow. If I did, I’m sorry, that wasn’t my intention.

Good luck!


Thank you. I am inspired.