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How can I get more Oder...?


Is there anything wrong whit my gig…Why I can’t get order…?? Please experience person suggest me what I’ll do…??


please use BR buyer request


am also not getting orders to but i used buyer request


Thank you…I use BR everyday I send 10 offer everyday…Even though I can’t get order…


The number of consumers is influenced by people who see your gigs.
And the conversion rate is about advertising and marketing.
Not about the gigs model


i want to ask you attach a video to your gig


THE BEST ANSWER IS : send buyer requests! but apply only after reading the requirements properly!
and a folio link with it


Thanks for your comment…I advertising and marketing my gig on social media daily…And I offer the buyers within their budget. Even though they don’t knock me…


No I didn’t add any video on my gig…:pensive::pensive::pensive:


add a video! Because it makes an impact and buyers tends to spend more time on your gig and understand well!


If you are promoting your gigs every day.
I think there is nothing wrong with your marketing.

Maybe the quality of your service and your review should be multiplied


Thanks for your advise Dear…I’ll add a video…


I got only 2 orders with 5 star review. The 2 buyers were so happy with my service, my behave, my conversion…


It can be your grammar and also take time to read through when sending message this are my advice


Thanks a lot…I’ll definitely do this…:neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:


You say you are “not getting orders”, but “I use buyer request(s).” Do you understand that buyers requests is NOT for sellers to post their gigs, but for buyers to post their requests?


It doesn’t matter how often you advertise your gig. Are you advertising your gig to audience who’s actually interested?

It doesn’t matter how many offers you send each day. Go to your buyer requests, pick the last offer you sent and copy it here. Then we can see what you’re actually sending and point out your mistakes.


buyers requests good resource to get more sell …I’m sending 10 offer every day…Try it


try to send your request as in very speed.So that your request will show to the buyer on top of the page


Its that truth…Nice …I will send buyer request very speed now thank you got new idea. :grinning: