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How can I get more order form fiverr?

How can I get more order from here. Please suggest me.

Here is my profile link-

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Buddy, your link is opening up a checkout page for one of your gigs.

Please fix it first.

now I replace my profile link. Please check now

In one of your gigs you say I hope you will “knock me” before ordering. Suggest you say “please contact me” instead.

On one of your gigs it says:

I hope you will knock me before place your order.

Are you a door that I will knock first? Change that to “message me”. Also, why “hope”, either you want the buyer to message you or don’t, be specific.


Do strong gig marketing for more orders

At first increase your quality your own area, maximum time active on fiverr. quick buyer response. share your gig social site your targeted customer.