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How can i get more order like before?

Hello! I am using fiverr since january 2018. In the beginning i was getting order randomly but now when i canged my gig image there is no sale anymore! I wonder what is to my gig, can someone review it and tell me what you think about my gig???

Images you have uploaded are fine and has good quality

when someone change their photos or make edits to their gigs, then the ranking o their gig changes as gig doesn’t appear in search result for a while once edited

So now promote your gig on social media to get traffic to your gig so they can bring you more customers as well as this will increase your ranking in search result


Thanks a bunchhhhhh!

@shaantom Remember to also check Buyer Requests daily and more than once for the day. Try different ways of promoting your gigs. Tell your friends and family about your services and see if they are interested in making orders. Create a YouTube Channel around the services you offer and share your link. Don’t give up. Your sales will pick up the more people know about your services. All the best!

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Thank you so much for your suggestion! :heart:

Whenever you change anything about your gig, the gig disappears for about 3 days, after that the gig starts it’s position as a new gig.
If you have a gig that gets frequent order, don’t touch it at all.
If impression is low, change a few things after researching the market

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Always welcome :relaxed: , feel free to ask more questions, we’d always love to help

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