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How can I get more order on my gig

Help my for grow my fiverr gig and get more order…

This forum is filled with some of your competitors. Essentially, YOU need to put in the work. :muscle:

Take some time to read these helpful UPYOUR posts.



I would suggest you to create every GIG with a lot of time and must do a research on the GIG you’re going to make.
Then you should add a video on the GIG along with the photos.
As you’re a new seller, so generally you won’t get order directly on the GIG, That;s why I would suggest you to bid on the buyer requests regularly and spend as much time as you can on the forum, You’ll learn so many new things here.

Best of luck…


This is very helpful thank you so much


Pleasure… :slightly_smiling_face: @maryorwar

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I am a new seller but over the few days I have learnt a lot. To up you Gig and get new orders as a new seller is not an easy task because the market is filled with competitors.
The best way to get an order is through the buyer request section.
To secure an order via buyer request, your description should be elegant enough and the price you are offering should be considerable.
Another thing, make sure you have good photos and videos describing your gig on your gig page.
And please try to deliver an order very well to get good reviews because good reviews will get you new and Better orders.

You can inbox me if you have more questions to ask.

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