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How can I get more order or rank my GIG?


Hello, I am hafsa a WordPress developer. I compete 10 orders on fiverr with 7 reviews.
But now i don’t get new order and My gig ranking is down.
Give me some advice that help me to success on fiverr.
Thanks :blush:


If you can promote your gig (except google’s adwards platform) would be great to increase your sales. but i cannot 100% guarantee. it depends where your promotion is going and what kind of people actually see it. :wink:


If you want to get more order then you should need spend time on fiverr. if you are maximum time outside of fiverr so why you get more order??? I have seen your profile I think you are not active. And also need proper Buyer request And Gig Marketing.
That’s enough. But please ensure you are expert.
Happy Fiverring :slight_smile:


Ha ha…Cool:blush: And thanks for following me:joy: i am not active within 4/5 month. That’s why i am posting on fiverr forum. And i also start applying for job and share my GIG.
Stay happy:blush:
And thanks for reply and suggestion.


Welcome :slight_smile:
Happy Fiverring :slight_smile: