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How can I get more order when my gig is showing in front pages?

Hey, I’m new at Fiverr. My gig showing on the front pages but I didn’t get much order. What should I do about it? My review is good. Need advice. Thank you.

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Great! I am elated to hear that your gigs are on the front pages. Many sellers including me are working very hard to see our gigs in the top 10/20 search result options for a variety of different services.

All you need to do is continue to grow your business through more positive reviews, increased number of deliveries, advertising and promoting your gigs daily on social media. Digital marketing is the new normal in this pandemic. I wish you all the successes on your journey.



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Thank you for your advice.

You do know what means, right? If people are sing your gig but not buying it, it means that people are not interested or convinced enough to buy it, so you might want to look at your gig pictures, descriptions and pricing