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How can I get more orders and improve my gig

How can I improve my gigs and get more orders?
This is my gig link


Your gig description says you will draw a cartoon portrait “with 5 Dollars only”, but your package prices start at $35. I’d make the price you show in the description (if you show one) match what the price they can buy it at.

Oh My God I changed the price because the average selling price has changed and I forgot to change the description, thank you for reminding me

Hi @dunyamustafa i hope you are fine i saw your post,
i will share my experience, with you.

  1. First step is that you are new seller so you have to provide service in less budget, in $10 not $35, Because when a client come to your Gig to see the your Gig he think you are not get any badge and you budget is $35 then he left your gig. So first you have to do provide service
    in $10, when you get level one badge then you can increase your budget.

  2. 2nd one is that you have to do buyer request on daily base.

  3. Your have must share your Gig on social media and other platform specially on Pinterest, you can create a pins of your Gig on Pinterest, co client can easily contact with you.

  4. You have to must update your Gig in a week 3 times because of this your Gig will come on ranking and buyer will contact with you easily.

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Hi, You’ll see other gigs match what their subcategories have given them, it’ll help you get buyer requests and get jobs


Hello, thanks for your advice
My gig was 5$ dollars but I changed it to the average selling price that fiverr suggest it to me
And 5$ is too cheap for the effort of drawing !

Hello, thank you I’ll try

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