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How can i get more orders from my Gigs?

My first gig brought huge clients that was really an excellent experience for me.
But from the second gig I’m offering good prices but don’t getting huge response.
So, How can i get more orders from my Gigs?


Hello mahfuzar0024,
You may analysis your gig very deeply.

  • Try to keep focus on Keywords on the title, description, and Tags you used on your gig.
  • Search your gig on Fiverr using the title of the gig. If you don’t your gig in the search result, let Fiverr know about this.
  • Try to stay online for more than 12 hours.
  • Send buyer request regular using this Gig and should be related with this Gig.
  • You may focus on gig image video and PDF as well.
  • Share yours Gig on social groups related to your gig.
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Thank you waziullah!
I need to know 1 more thing -
I can share my gig links in related facebook group or another social media sites where have clients related to my gig?

You may share! You should not share more than a time in the same group in a day. Anyways try to avoid spamming as much you can.

Sure, I wont spam.
Thank you so much

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You are most welcome!