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How can I get more sales even though I charge the cheapest?

Hey, so I do image repair and enhancing, I notice I sell at the cheapest price, but no one is buying my services, can anyone explain why?


Are you connecting to your target customers, and offering the service they need, at the price(s) they are willing to pay?

What is your “cheapest price”? How did you determine that?

We see every day people on the forum with the exact same service for 5$. Which is the minimal price tag on fiverr.

So if there are at least 5000 other sellers offering your “cheapest price” how are you going to stand out?

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Let’s see. I’ve checked your gigs and let’s say you offering background removal services - 20 images for $5. Have a look at other sellers who offers the same kind of services. There are a huge number of sellers who are doing the same, some of them even have 1000+ reviews. So tell me, what you are doing to compete with all others and stand out from them?

Because you’re competing against 60,000+ other gigs offering the same, probably.

Earlier this week someone else was asking a similar question in the forum.

When I looked at their gig they promised to remove 200 backgrounds for $5, and they were asking why they weren’t getting any sales.

Seriously, I would rather pay someone $10 to remove a single background and do it well than race their way through 200 for half the price.

What I’m getting at is it’s not about offering the cheapest price. You will never win that one.

It’s about being credible and offering a believable service - and part of that is setting a fair (not cheap) price.

However, you’ve chosen one of the most overpopulated gig types on Fiverr. As others have said, you’re competing against tens of thousands of other sellers offering similar gigs. Are your examples the best? Do they stand out for quality reasons?

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