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How can i get more Security, Testing projects on fiverr?

Here is my Profile, please visit and let me know how to improve my profile and gigs to get more projects…


All your gigs seem to be in “programming & tech->other”, though if they’re about security shouldn’t they be in “programming & tech->Cybersecurity & Data Protection”?

Gig “I will do any cyber security task for your organization” has the same gig description as “I will do security tasks for your organization”. Maybe make the gig descriptions unique.

In one gig image you’ve spelt security incorrectly. 2 of your gigs might be too similar.


Thanks for the suggestions… Really Appreciated. :slight_smile:


Actually, I have one more doubt if you can help me with, the option “programming & tech->Cybersecurity & Data Protection” is only for pro members, how can I choose it?? I’m not a pro member right now.

Yes you’re right. I don’t think you can.
Maybe use “programming & tech->support & IT” if that would be any better than the “other” subcategory.

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Okay… :+1: :metal:
Thanks Again… :smiley:

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Check this article

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Thanks for suggestion… :smiley: :metal: