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How can i get more sell in fiverr

Oh yeah, I don’t understand the “unlimited revision” thing either. Personally to me, as a buyer, that shows me that you are lacking self confidence! I offer 1, 2 and 4 revisions per package, then how come I managed to pull 5 sales after 1 month of joining here in 2020. I guess some people are very gullible and stubborn!

Precisely. Unlimited revisions are a terrible idea for multiple reasons.

1 - It’s false. There will never be unlimited revisions. After a certain point, those orders will just get canceled. Nobody will work forever on a project.
2 - It shows lack of confidence. Good artists, writers, designers, etc. will not revise their work 100s of times. They’ll get it right after a revision or two.
3 - It shows you don’t value your time or the clients time. If I order something, and it’s still not good after 2 or 3 revisions, I’m wasting my time.
4 - It attracts the worst, scummy, exploitative buyers. You don’t want them, at any cost. Better no orders than nightmare orders.

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Exactly, your just spitting out facts! But again the rate of people giving good advice compared to the “0 experience sellers” giving out “post social media, unlimited revision” advice is probably at a ratio of 1:4. As we mentioned earlier, people have started a very huge trend that is constantly growing, but the sad thing is that a lot of people are falling for it.

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And that shouldn’t matter to us, right? They’ll make no sales, give up, etc.

The problem is that it does matter. I worked hard to build a good position within Fiverr. I’d like that to mean something. Right now what it means to a lot of people is that I’m at the top of a platform known for spamming social media, and for meksells offering unlimited revisions for $5. The less credibility Fiverr as a platform has, the less credibility all sellers here have, be they TRS or Pro or whatever.

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Yeah, I totally understand you. Eventually, it will have an effect on Fiverr’s image, these people don’t think about what might happen in the long run, it is ruining the forums and fiverr’s image. For example, take the current issue happening with “N/A on our gig stats”, some people are out here asking the very same question every 2 minutes! The forum lately has been filled with people complaining “I CAN’T SEE MY STATS”, like come on, they don’t even take their time to read previous post and it clearly says it on the forum page as well!

It already has. Fiverr could and should be a better upwork. The storefront philosophy is much better than bidding on projects. Their design is better. Their official promotional materials are better. Their marketing is better.

However, go to sitejabber, for instance, and check the reviews. upwork is ranked 4th in freelance websites. Average rating 3,03 out of 5. Fiverr is ranked 43rd. 1,82 out of 5. Let that sink in for a moment.

Btw, I didn’t even notice the gig stats missing until I saw people complaining on the forums. I check analytics, not the gig stats. They’re not that relevant.

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Yeah wow, that is bad. But ask yourself the question, do these new gullible sellers really think and care about that? They are more concerned on “post social media” !

Of course they don’t. But Fiverr should crack down on them hard. Fiverr doesn’t need them and shouldn’t want them. They ban and strike legit sellers all the time. They make contorted rules that make a lot of honest work really hard to do. They force some sellers (me included) to basically violate the TOS with every order, since their upload size limit is not nearly enough for my field of work (video), so I have to deliver my projects in outside links that expire after a certain time. They put good sellers under constant pressure. Yet the meksells are allowed to run rampant.

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yeah, but too many people are joining everyday, it’s too much to deal with. Do you think they should do what upwork does, a sort of verification to see if you get accepted or not?

At a certain point I think they don’t really have a choice. Of course they try to manage it with ads to certain gigs, and gig placement on search results. But imagine if out of 10 new buyers on the platform, 5 go to meksells. They’ll place one $5 order and then never come back when they have a bad experience. That can’t be good for their bottom line.

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yeah, I was thinking about that a few days ago myself, as you said, in the long run it will be necessary else a lot of problems will arise

Either that or separate the platform into two, like they kinda tried to do with Fiverr Pro. Have a platform for serious sellers that make a living doing this and have actual skills, and a platform for the meksells and joke gigs of people singing happy birthday dressed as a panda or something. The two cannot really coexist as a professional marketplace for companies that are willing to spend.

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yeah :rofl:, the birthday song ones really have me dead! I think that’s a good idea and will be necessary in the long run!

Nothing against those gigs, mind you - I think they are legitimate, unlike the meksells.

They just don’t belong in a place where big companies with big budgets shop for services.

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