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How can I get more views and sales?

Hey Fiverr Forum!

I am new to the site. Let me introduce myself, I am Cody, a professional voice over artist with tonnes of experience and clients from past sites. Recently the site I was using to get clients was shut down, so I did some research and I found Fiverr may be cheap, but effective.

Anyways, I’m here asking you guys how I can promote my gigs on, how I can get featured, and other things. On anything someone does, its hard to get a start. I’m wondering the easiest way to get recognized on Fiverr?

Thanks Forum!

Kind Regards,

I just visited you gig and it looks awesome! Love your explainer video.
As to getting more views, and more sales, I suggest hitting the “buyer request” section REALLY hard. Take advantage of the 10 offers you can send out per day. That’s how I just got to Level 2. Plus, I sleep with my cellphone. If it beeps, and it is a potential customer, I answer right away.
One thing I’d really like to hear is some of your voice clips! That’s the only thing I found missing.
Good luck, I know you’ll be a success,