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How can i get my 1st order

Dear All experienced sellers!

How can i get orders,i have created few gigs, if improvement required then please suggest honestly so that i update gigs, if everything is OK then please guide how i attract buyers.

your cooperation is much appreciated in this regard.

Hi. I’ve sent you a message on Fiverr to discuss what you can improve.

Please post here, so that others who are reading will also be benefitted. I understand that you sell a gig which helps sellers with designing their gig, but if you share your knowledge here in the forum while answering a question, it will be more effective. There is a separate section for promoting your gigs, you can use that!
Thank you!

@zmktech, you may check the following forum post. I wrote that some time back and many have come back saying they found it helpful. Hope this helps you as well.

#:bulb: All the best!


Of course, sorry about that. I’d just suggested my gig a couple times already on the forums and didn’t want it to seem as if I was using every opportunity to publicly advertise my gig. It is a genuine, symbiotic suggestion though which I thought would benefit both parties, so I will put it across to people looking for help as an option, if it seems like they need it

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This section of the forum is for helping out the sellers, as far as we can. For the promotion of your gig, you can use the other section. I’m sure you will get many more buyers :slight_smile:

:bulb: All the best!

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Of course, the issue only being that people tend to ignore self promotion topics, so I have to reach out to offer my services to people who I can see need help - it’s more effective and it does cross over into helping people anyway. The promotion section, whilst useful, doesn’t reach the same audience and people looking for help often won’t find the necessary promotion.

Thanks a lot, best of luck to you too