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How can I get my first 5$ here?!


Hi there,
I have been working as a freelance writer in Khamsat for a long time and now I want to start working here in fiver to write articles in both languages Arabic and English!
I have understood all the website but I hope for the best to explain how to get buyers here?



Thank you very much!
I think anyone has its own experiences, that is why we ask the same question over and over again:slight_smile: )


Best wishes :+1: for your success and you will be get your first order soon check this will helps:


Thank you very much
I really appreciate


Buyer requests helps me a lot getting new orders. Great place to check out


I you get buyer you shall have to marketing your gig .


yes,i like it.i will like it.


I didn’t ask a question about how to get orders. I answered one.


Happy writing :smiley:
Best of luck in Fiverr and welcome to community !!


Check this, I hope it will help you.