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How can I get my first gig when everything is sorted by highest rated?

Honestly I’m a little bit frustrated right now and trying to think hard about what to do here, I keep rewording and editing my gigs to make them appealing, but I’m not really sure by now if the problem is me or something else. I don’t really know how to help people find those gigs either because with everything in the search sorted by most rated instantly I just don’t know how to get people to find them at all, how can anyone be interested in these gigs when there’s ones with actual ratings and confirmation that they work? I don’t think my prices are the problem either because they’re pretty low compared to the other gigs of this same field, so by now I’m really out of ideas on what to do. Trying to help my dad get started too since he needs the money so any help would be very, very appreciated.


That’s not true.
Just read the forum and you’ll see huge amount of topics with top and high rated sellers complaining that their gigs were rotated to the last pages and now showing only new sellers with no ratings at all.
Fiverr is giving a boost to new sellers and rotating gigs to give chance to everyone. And don’t forget that even top rated seller were starting with no reviews at some point.

If you are changing your gigs too often that might be taking them out of the search every time you edit it.

Third, you and your dad need to offer different services, have different payment details attached to your accounts and it’s better to ask fiverr CS permission because they might disable your accounts by mistake sooner or later.


You have just joined Fiverr last month and are playing in a very, very competitive Industry. I recommend you to be patient but also to do all your best into finding that one client in Buyer Requests that will elevate your visibility by having at least 1 review. You might also want to do a simple introduction video for each of your gig : I believe it helps for the ranking in search page results.

Good luck !

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