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How can i get my first order easily?

i am a professional Graphic Desinger. I have my gig of podcast design.How can i get my first order easily?


I wouldn’t recommend offering unlimited revisions. And, Fiverr’s no “get rich quick” scheme, you have to put in hard work to see the benefits.

Hi, @fareed_mahmood
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Graphic design is a very good service in this marketplace. many many Top-rated sellers here working on graphic design.
So you need very hard work to get the first job but not impossible. Try to active maximum time of day in forum and try to read topics/posts. You should share your gig to your social channel.
Have a good day.
Thank you


You joined Fiverr and you can imagine a lot of other people did that same thing. Currently, due to the situation around the world, there is a huge amount of people looking for job and some income, while on the other end the demand for services is decreasing as people are struggling to keep their business even open and operational.

It is a hard time for all and if you are interested in succeeding on Fiverr it will require patience.

What you can do is if you have free time and you wish to focus on improving your GIG, go through replies made from long term sellers here on Fiverr forum since they do give a lot of constructive and beneficial suggestions to improve your visibility.

And also use free time to gain other skills or improve the skills you already have.

Please respond to buyer request with a unique note addressing them, not general note, and do not send offers if it is not in your skills field.

I wish you a good Fiverr experience. Take care.


very nice and comprehensive reply covering all my questions.Thanks

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