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How can I get my first order in fiverr?

Hi I’m new in fiverr. I’ve been waiting for orders since 1 week but there is no sign of any order till now. I’m not even getting buyer requests now. What should I do to get orders?


Don’t know why you not getting buyer request, but to ger order with your gig you need to create your gig proper way.Image , description, tittle, category all need to be perfect.You can also add a video in your gig.It will boost your gig rapidly.Also post your gig on different blogsite as well as social platform.

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@arafath91 Thank you for your advice.

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Welcome. If you type “how to get my first order” in the search bar above there are numerous posts on the subject which you may find helpful.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@lloydsolutions I’ll search it. Thank you for the advice.


Try to create several gigs at once, and then experiment and see which one is more popular. Remove ones that have no or few views/impressions, and create new ones - keep optimising but no need to overdo it. Avoid sitting around and just waiting to receive an order - go out there and spread the word out. Facebook group for Fiverr promotion is a good place to start and for free. Best of luck :grinning:

P.S. most of all - be patient and your 1st order will eventually arrive!

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@microscopetrans thank you☺

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