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How Can i Get My First Order Instant

I Can’t Get Any Order Yet


What are you doing to EARN your orders?


What you do here Graphic designer?

same here:frowning_face:

One way of getting instant orders is


Just be professional, Focus on SEO, Upload awesome gig video, Be patient, Things will start wrking out

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Must be a professional work, or acceptable and worthy of appreciation, good service, as soon as, patience and then patience

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My following tips may help you.

  1. In Fiverr first, all you need is patience,
  2. Provide the best service at very low cost
  3. Use all Fiverr features
  4. Communication skill
  5. Attractive thumbnail and error-free description.

Thank you.

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Thank you , very match

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First you need to create gig.
Then you are thinking about order.