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How can I get my first order on fiverr site

Anyone of you please guide me that How can I get my first order.??
I work on fiver on almost 1 year plus but still I don’t get any order
My fiverr profile is fatima500


1st check your gig Active or non-active than Buyer request


Stay active in the fiver forum and make buyer requests in a nice way. If you can explain what the buyer wants through send offer, inshallah you will get the job.


stay activted and sent buyer request.

Properly SEO your Fiber account to get the order and put it in a nice image profile if you publish it on social media then hopefully you can get the order soon. :green_heart:


Hi, I am also new on fiverr. But I got my first order within 13 days by sending buyer request reply…You can try this way but you have not write best reply.

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Hi! Welcome to Fiverr :smile:

Take a look at this post for some tips and info on how to get more orders: Answer to all the questions that sellers have

Specific to your gigs, never offer unlimited revisions! Buyer can request as many revisions as they want and you could end up doing work that wasn’t included in the original order. Also, buyers can request revisions even years later and you’d get pulled into a never ending order!


This might be helpful for you


Thanks Everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

No one need to give you the answer. Ask one question to yourself and get the answer:
“There is thousands of seller is here to offer the same thing, so what difference you are offering”?
If you don’t have the answer, work on your skills to create the difference and obviously customer always demands a great communication skills from the sellers. Stay hungry, stay focused.

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Thank you for joining fiverr. At first you check your gig active or non active. Write unique description and send buyer request.
I hope you will be success


1st check your gig active or non active.You should check your all gig.And research about your gig properly. Find out your gig mistake if have.And also try to send unique buyer request.Do active your account every day. Hope it’s helpful for you.