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How can i get my first order please


Hello every one
Can some one help me how can i improve my gigs to get sales

Or what can i do to increase IMPRESSION, CLICKS, VIEWS, ORDERS
My account created in fubrayry 2018 and i’m active the last 2 month
Should i start with other account because SEO on Fiverr ?

Thank’s alot


Atleast make 3 gigs per day.


Sorry, but i have limit only 7 gigs.
I think it’s an excellent idea in top rated seller but not for biginer


Starting another account will get all your accounts banned. One thing I suggest is to make a habit of writing without using non-words like “plzzzzz.” If you write this way to potential buyers they may not think you are a professional.


Hi,how could I create 3 gigs per there r limit according to yours level .I think 7 gigs for new sellers.10 gigs for level sellers.20 gigs for level 2 sellers.and top rated have maximum of 30 gigs in there profile.