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How can I get my first order quickly & easily?

Hello Everyone! I’m a new seller on fiverr most welcome to all. I am making three gig already.
How can I get my first order?
Advanced Thanks.


Give Buyer Requests every day Then work is possible

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There’s nothing quick or easy about Fiverr.

You have only 11-minutes of read time on your Fiverr Forum profile.

So…I would suggest you visit the Terms of Service (read them, get to know them) and visit the Fiverr Tips section of the Forum for answers to all your questions.

Good luck.


How to give buyer request?please details sir.

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Go your profile Click here to see more Buyer Requests.

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I think you should give it some time really. Find out more about this community :raised_hands:


First I want to say you that it is not very easy but you must be patient. Follow the steps below …
Some tips for you for getting the first order
1)Send all 10 buyer request daily (create more gigs so you will get more buyer request)
2)Be online on fiverr 8- 9 hours at least
3)Add a video on your gig
4)Describe all your services and give a call to action
5)Don’t edit your Gig
6)Share your gig in multiples social media
7)Don’t create your gig with copy-paste
8)Create a unique gig and put attractive gig images
9)Share your gigs on all social media fb groups ,twitter, linkdin
10))Response quickly to messages
This is the best way for getting the first order

Thanks and best of luck.
#fiverrtips #getfirstorder #BorunDnath


I’m sorry to disappoint you but, there’s no thing such as “quickly & easily”…

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How many times are people going to say this. Staying online doesn’t bring sales.


This will prevent you from missing the order. And to save time, buyers are interested in selecting those who are in the forum

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Where you do get the idea that “buyers are interested in selecting those who are in the forum”…?

Most of us in here are SELLERS not buyers, so your logic fails miserably. Also, you do not get any boost to your profile, Gig or whatever by posting in here.



First ,Welcome to this greatest freelancing platform. You have to be patient and industrious to get success You have to present yourself as an expert. But some tips that really helps.

  1. Find low competitive keywords.
  2. Try to keep active as you can
    3.Optimize gig images
  3. Your title should be impressive.
  4. Gig description should be clear
  5. Package should be convenient for buyers.
  6. Share your gig to potential buyers (FB, Linkedin, Twitter etc)
  7. Send persuasive buyer request daily.
    Overall, try to learn more and more. Be an asset of fiverr. Keep your patience. Best of luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

No it won’t. Buyers are interested in sellers they deem capable of completing an order, the gig descriptions appeals to them. they don’t simply pick you because you’re online


Thanks for such valuable tips.

Thank you very much.

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