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How can i get my first order quickly?

Dear experienced seller . Please help me to get my first order by suggestion . and checkout my profile if any wrong there please let me know. please please . And thanks for read.


Go buyer request and send offer as your skill


Try to create few more gigs
and add video on that gigs and explain it very well
and also add your portfolio in the description of the gig
And try buyer request section and read the requested posted by buyer submit a offer with complete details and explained the buyer what will you do according to his instruction or request that he posted
share you work i mean your portfolio if you have :slight_smile:
it will help you to get sales :slight_smile:

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Respond to 10 buyer requests everyday and be unique in every request. You can get order on first day if you read buyer request completely and offer exact thing what he requested.


Suggest you remove “just need a chance to prove myself” from under your profile image as this does not come across as very professional to a buyer.

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I think you grab your first order, while you make 30-40 buyer request :neutral_face: